Praise Your Way Through!!!

October 23, 2011
When your way seems dark as night and you feel you are all alone, pause, take  a look all around and recognize how

you got where you are and who always shows up just in the nick of time.  Maybe as you remember  being in this same

place with a different situation you also remember all the promises you made to God that you didn't keep and you wonder

if He will come when you call.  Our God is an awesome God who inhabits the praise of His people!  Repent, turn from your

wicked ways!  Start praising Him for creation, redemption, restoration, preparation, how he supplies our every need,

everyday inspite of who we have allowed to sidetrack us.  Trust in God!  Regardless to what it may look like,  Our victory is


There is something about Jesus!

October 24, 2010
Isn't it something how we can tell Jesus,"If you get me out of this, I'll never do it again." He makes a way for us inspite of
the fact that He knows his children. Read it for yourself in Psalms 139 He knows everything about us and still He Loves us!
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